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Motherhood can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, some moms are left feeling unhappy or self-conscious over changes to their bodies and breasts after childbirth.  One of the most highly requested procedures at Inland Cosmetic Surgery is the so called ’Mommy Makeover’.

A mommy makeover is a customized set of procedures to help mothers improve or correct some of the unwelcome side effects of pregnancy. While each mommy makeover is tailored to the unique needs of the patient, most mommy makeovers include a combination of the following procedures:

Breast lift with or without augmentation, to improve breast sagging and restore a more youthful breast shape.
Liposuction to reduce areas of persistent fat, particularly on the lower abdomen and flanks.
Tummy Tuck to smooth the abdomen, repair stretched abdominal muscles, and remove excess, sagging skin.

The main concerns most mothers express to us is the amount of downtime, degree of pain and appearance of scars. The amount of down time depends on how many procedures are needed and to what degree.  If we are doing a breast augmentation only, the down time is one week; but, if we are combining the breast augmentation with a tummy tuck, then you may be looking at two to three weeks.  Fortunately, advancements in anesthesia and surgical techniques have made these procedures safer and in vast majority of cases mothers are back to work and normal life within three weeks.

The degree of pain or discomfort is also dependent on number of procedures performed and the pain tolerance of the patient. The good news is that at Inland Cosmetic Surgery, we constantly strive to improve our patient’s outcomes and we have found ways to control the patient’s discomfort to the minimum.  For example, for any surgery performed, we inject a dilute solution of local anesthetic to the area prior to performing any surgery.   This in turns numbs the surgical site, and provides more post-operative comfort.  In addition, for larger procedures such as tummy tucks, we administer IV Tylenol before even entering the operating room, this in turn has resulted in much less discomfort post operatively and faster recovery.  We also have an option of placing a pain pump that automatically administers a long lasting local anesthetic to the surgical site for post-operative discomfort.

Lastly, everyone is concerned about scars.   The placement of the scars is important and so they are strategically placed in concealable areas.  All scars are initially red or brown and they gradually fade in to a faint line. At Inland Cosmetic Surgery, we are committed to providing the most natural results with the least visible scars.  In fact, we are famous for the most natural looking belly button after the tummy tuck and breast augmentation through the belly button with no visible scars on the breasts.  The majority of time spent in the operating room is for meticulous suturing to make sure that you get the absolute best results.