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Comprehensive Holistic Dental Care for Your Longevity. Dr. Tobias Maynard is an active member of the American Dental Association (ADA, CDA, TCDS), the Holistic Dental Association (HDA), International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists (IAMSD) and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). He is a past Board member of TCDS and is currently on the Peer Review Board.

What is a holistic dentist?
A holistic dentist is a general dentist with a broader knowledge of dental materials, their affect on our health, and tools and techniques for safer dentistry. This approach is very helpful for those with immunity and/or toxicity concerns, yet wise for the generally healthy to follow as well.

How are teeth related to immunity?
One’s immune system wants to be operating at optimum capacity so it can be ready to fight the next cold germ or skin infection. If one’s body is sensitive to certain dental materials, they can be poisoning, and eventually weaken the immune system, making it harder to fight even the common cold.

What dental materials are safe for me, then?
We can find out with a simple blood test that analyzes your blood against numerous materials used in dental offices around the world. Some people may even be sensitive to certain brands of dental floss!

Why are silver fillings bad?
Silver fillings contain very little silver, mixed with other metals and mercury. Mercury vapor rises out of the filling each time you chew, enters the bloodstream and settles in fat cells. A build-up of this heavy metal over time may cause illness, just like eating too much raw fish. Even more, over time, silver fillings can leak and cause teeth to crack or even break.

Should I go to a holistic dentist if I feel fine?
Why not? Like eating organic, you’ll be taking a pro-active, scientifically-backed approach to your oral health, even for simple dental cleanings.

Can I afford holistic dental care?
At our office you can. After all, inaccessibility would contradict our mission to help others. In addition to cash, we take many dental PPO’s and Care Credit. We also offer comforting discounts for those with no insurance.

Why should I choose Dr. Maynard?
Dr. Maynard has been practicing holistic dentistry for over a decade, helping his patients become amalgam-free, safely, and by applying his artistic talent to create natural-looking, metal-free smiles. He and his friendly staff will always make you feel as welcome as the flowers in May.